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Торговый Дом ДКВ является официальным дистрибьютором на территории Республики Беларусь, Республики Узбекистан и Республики Кыргызстан 

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THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS TIES "NATIONAL ANTIDOPINEOVAÂ LABORATORY" TEST PROTOCOL Address: 223040 Minsk region, AG. Forest, 31 bodies. + 375 17 265 58 88; Fax + 375 17 265 54 65 BEAC BY/11202.1.0.1596 BSCA STBISO/IEC 17025 Bioanalytical Division Head SUGGESTING research  Mr. Pradun has been 1 the name and address of the customer --------------------------------- I------------------------------ LLC trade house Lenin Prospect, 125, Korn. Treaty No. 2 120 from 08.06.2016 ' ' 3 sample name (s), number (s) series Biologically active additive to food "Survivor No. 1." Party no. 2, is valid until 18.01.2018 4 description of samples the number of set designs Capsules (1 package, 60 capsules per pack to 0.33 g each). 5 the name of the manufacturer Ametis JSC, Russia, 675020, Amur Oblast, Blagoveshchensk, street. Quay, 68, commissioned by LLC "trading house" CAD ". 6 transfer/ The Act of sampling Application of 31.05.2016 7 Internal room 0088d/2016 8 the date of reception of the sample 14.06.2016 9 test date 19.07.2016-28.07.2016 10 test method/test methods Gas chromatography with mass spectrometry/ LM007; liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry/ LM008 11 means of measuring and test equipment NO. p/p Name of measuring and test equipment Serial number Date of the next verification/certification IL Electronic laboratory balance,LA1200S 22403077 16.1 1.2016 11.2. Electronic laboratory balance,CP225 (D) 22304308 16.11.2016 11.3. pH-meterHI 2211 F0030341 09.11.2016 11.4. Pipette Batcher, Biohit 12595440 10.08.2016 11.5 Pipette Batcher, Biohit 12589148 11.08.2016 7.2 Pipette Batcher, Biohit 12589228 02.10.2016 7.3 Pipette Batcher, Biohit 12586404 01.10.2016 7.3 Dispenser bottle, Biohit 07 to 14656 06.08.2016 7.4 Gas Chromatograph Agilent7890A ((G)3440A) with detectorMSD AgilentG7000 in CN 12021135/US 11505706 27.06.2017 11.10 Liquid Chromatograph SurveyorPlus with detectors PDAand TSQ QuantumAccess 81527/TQU01523 26.02.2017 11.11 Temperature and humidity logger,  175N1 * 40336965 15.10.2016 11.12 Temperature and humidity logger,  175N1 40338786 15.10.2016 11.13 Temperature and humidity logger,  175N1 40338791 15.10.2016 11.14 Temperature and humidity logger,  175N1 40338789 15.10.2016 11:15 am Temperature and humidity logger,  175N1 40338788 15.10.2016 11L6 Stopwatch, c-01 017780 26.08.2016 12. test conditions: 12 l Performing analysis Temperature (20-23)° c/relative humidity (51-55)% 12.2. Execution sample preparation Temperature (20 -21)° c/relative humidity (61-75)% 13The results of the tests On the methodology ofLMsample test no. 007 00886/2016 for the presence of 1.4-androstadien-3.17-Dion, 17A-methyltestosterone, 19-norètiholanolon, 4-gidroksitestosters 1-testosterone, 5A-androstan-17 behind, 3-diol |, 5A-androstan-3 | 3.17 (3-diol, 4-androstene-3.17-Dion, boldens danazol, dehydroepiandrosterone, kalusteron, Clenbuterol, clostebol, mesterolone, metandiens metildienolon, norboleton, nandrolone, oxandrolone, oxymetholone, oral-turinabol, 1 norandrostendion, 17-a-methyl-1-testosterone, stanozolol, testosterone, trenbolone tetragidrokannabins tibolon, fluoksimesteron. On the methodology of LM sample test no. 008 00886/2016 for the presence of substances: amilorr acetazolamide, bendroflumetiazid, benztiazid, bumetanid, hydrochlorothiazide, indapamide, metolazs probenecid, torasemid, triamteren, furosemide, chlorthalidone, hlorotiazid, ciklopentiazid, ètakrinov acid, adrafinil, amphetamine, benzylpiperazine, benzfetamin, geptaminol who is, karfedon, Katin, klobenzore! cocaine, methamphetamine, methyl geksanamin, methylenedioxyamphetamine, metilendioksimetamfetam!   methylphenidate, metilèfedrin, Mefenorex, modafinil, nikethamide, norfenflûramin, norèfedr1ortetamin, prolintan, propilgexedrin, pseudoephedrine, finasteride, selegiline, strychnine, tuaminogept; famprofazon, fenbutrazat, fenkamin, Fenetylline, fenfluramine, phentermine, fenpropreks, etamiv; ephedrine. These substances are not detected. 14Conclusion: in the provided test sample "biologically active additive to PI]" Survivor No. 1 ", the party no. 02, produced by JSC" Ametis "Russia, on request TH «CAD» specified in clause 13 substances are not detected.

DHQ Industry DHQ in meat industry Application of DHQ Company Profile DHQ Pharmaceutical Substance Study (broiler chickens and laying hens) 1.Drug for athletes and people whose life is connected with big physical and emotional stress. Chosen in the ratio of dihydroquercetin, arabinogalactan and ascorbic acid increases stamina, improves efficiency, helps to focus on achievement of results. Russian athletes who participated in the testing of DKV has been confirmed by its positive effects on muscle tone, recovery after extreme exertion. For example, rowers, taking 50mg of DKV in between re-loads, kept or even improved the performance time for subsequent segments without the Express condition of "acidification" of the muscles.This allows the athlete to do more repetitions and to maintain a high rate loads, and these data allow recommending the application of dihydroquercetin the various contingents are subject to intensive, including ultimate, dynamic, and mental stress. 2.A restorative drug, essential for anyone in today's rhythm of life. General weakness, decrease in physical and mental health, confusion, depression – these are signs of insufficient supply of tissues with nutrients and oxygen and insufficient rate of excretion of the decay products.Dihydroquercetin and its derivatives, strengthening the fabric of vessels, contribute to the restoration of their transport function and getting rid of the "Manager's syndrome". DKV works most effectively if you take when he has enough time to "thin" debug razbalansirovat biochemical procesow of the body, removing heavy metals, cleaning vessels from cholesterol plaques, strengthening their walls and improving the overall health. However, DKV itself is not embedded in biochemical processes and therefore it has no "withdrawal syndrome", i.e. it does not cause dependency.   3.Preparation with increased content of dihydroquercetin and ascorbic acid intended for people with cardiovascular disease. It improves microcirculation in organs and tissues, strengthens the vascular wall, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes, contributing to improve the quality of life.Due to the high complexing properties DKV displays the body of heavy metals, including radionuclides. DKV purifies and strengthens the blood vessel walls, effectively fights against internal bleeding. Some scientists consider bacteria as a certain analogue of the natural antibiotics: the combination of the antibacterial and antioxidant effects reduces the load on the body in the treatment and speeds up the rehabilitation process.   4.A drug with a high content of arabinogalactan is designed for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Arabinogalactan stimulates peristalsis and helps to restore the normal microflora thereby improving the gastrointestinal tract. DKV, thanks to its antibacterial properties, kills H. pylori.Also, this Stephen effective drug for people suffering from constipation.Flavonoids and DKV including spasms of blood vessels: organs of the digestive tract are saturated with oxygen, normalizes the renewal rate of the epithelium and the production of gastric juice. Due to this property not only normalizes digestion and absorption of food but also by protecting the body from cardiovascular diseases. In addition, a number of researchers found dramatic anti-allergic effect in the use of flavonoids inside.As you know, under normal operation, the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolic processes, nutrition of tissues and organs, increases immunity, and that protection against infections and stress.5.The drug is designed for people with physical disabilities and for those who are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle. The dihydroquercetin and arabinogalactan help to ensure the normal functioning of the organism, deprived of natural possibilities in motion.This complex increases vitality, thereby improving the quality of life and increasing its duration. According to the theory of Linus Pauling, twice Nobel prize winner, author of the theory of the special role of vitamin C, the use of antioxidants (and dihydroquercetin – one of the strongest among them) allows to prolong life to a very old age. The life of Pauling, who has lived for 93 years until the end of his days to remain active, is the best proof. Also, the action of the drug is aimed at improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.APPLICATION OF DIHYDROQUERCETIN IN PRODUCTION OF FOOD PRODUCTS OF FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE A number of adverse factors surrounding Wednesday on the human organism is accompanied by activation of free radical and oxidative stress "formation, which is the reason for the development of a number of diseases. This regard modern conceptions of medical and preventive nutrition expanded new concepts and ideas about food additives with antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, and tonic properties. Taxifolin-antioxidant natural origin with a high degree of biological activity and providing a whole range of positive effects on metabolic reactions and the dynamics of different pathological processes. Thanks to its properties, the presence of dihydroquercetin in food composition ensures the prevention of diseases, and also helps protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Moreover, dihydroquercetin can be recommended as a component of functional nutrition for the prevention of dysbacteriosis of different etiology, secondary immune deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases, protection from radiation, electromagnetic fields, chemical contamination. Currently, the use of dihydroquercetin as a component in the diet of athletes is gaining popularity. Digidrokwercetin accelerates recovery of organism, normalization of various his functions after physical exertion. Taxifolin and atherosclerosis Properties Dihydroquercetin (CAD) 1) antioxidant properties CAD inhibits free radical oxidation of both water-soluble and lipid-soluble substrates. CAD can function as (1) the trap of reactive oxygen species, (2) helator of metals with variable valency. 2) capilarprotection property Capillary protector effect of CAD is associated with extending the life of capillaries and the intensification of their work at the expense of protecting cell membranes. 3) anti-inflammatory properties CAD slows the inflammatory reactions in the body, improves the oxygen supply to the cells. CAD normalizes synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin, accelerating the healing of trauma surfaces while preserving skin elasticity. 4) Radioprotective properties Radiozaŝitnogo action mechanism DKV is ability to "extinguish" hydroxyl radicals, which are the main agents under the action of ionizing radiation. CAD together with other flavonoids protect critical target cells: nuklei new acid, proteins, membrane. 5) Detoxifying properties Detoxification properties of CAD waklûčaûtsâ in direct collaboration with toxins, linking them to the stable form followed by deducing from an organism due to improve capillary blood flow accelerates the process of removing toxins from the intercellular space. 6) Hepatoprotective properties Has a protective effect on the liver: normalizes cell membrane and structure provides antioxidant effect, accelerates the recovery of damaged liver parenchyma, which enhances its antitoxic function. • CAD in combination with Ascorbic acid and integrated therapy improves gemoreologičeskih performance: whole blood viscosity reduction at the expense of increase in erythrocyte deformability and aggregation, reduced content in erythrocytes and plasma products perikisnogo oxidation of lipids (Carpenters Carpenters m.b., D.m. et al.//Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry, 2004) . • Inclusion of CAD in the composition of the complex treatment of patients with atherosclerosis and with cerebrovascular pathology contributes to the reduction of the frequency of headaches, noise in the head, dizziness, violation coordinate movements (Britov a.i., Aparina T.v.//doctor. 2006). • Reception of CAD has a positive impact on the functioning of the body, resulting in reducing blood glucose and transaminaz (Tikhonov v.i., 2008). • Inclusion of CAD in the integrated therapy of peripheral atherosclerosis contributes to the normalization of cholesterol Exchange indicators (Tikhonov v.i., 2008) . Taxifolin and arterial hypertension • Receiving CAD contributes to a significant reduction of DBP, normalization of variability of night GARDEN, reduced indicators of pulse HELL (Belâkin, 2007). • Inclusion of CAD integrated rehabilitation programmes for patients with essential hypertension has a positive effect on the subjective condition of patients, improves the Psychophysiological indices (to reduce the frequency of headaches, noise in the head, dizziness, improving health, improving health, activity and mood) (Belâkin, 2007). • CAD as part of an integrated therapy helps reduce concentration indicators NO.2 and NO.3 in the serum, indicating normaliziruûŝem impact against endothelial function (Otanov r.g., 2005). PROPERTIES OF DIHYDROQUERCETIN Taxifolin and coronary heart disease • CAD in combination with Ascorbic acid and integrated therapy reduces Fibrinogen in the blood, reducing the intensity of processes floor. In patients with hyperviscosity of blood taking the drug leads to its reduction (Carpenters m.b., Pavlû Cova E.n., etc. etc.//thrombosis, hemostasis and rheology, 2005). • CAD in combination with Ascorbic acid and integrated therapy reduces the frequency of angina attacks. Reduce nitroglicirine needs and improve the completeness of its antianginalnogo effect, as well as ascending tolerance patients to physical activity (Carpenters m.b., Elena Pavliukova etc. etc.//thrombosis, hemostasis and rheology, 2005). • CAD as part of an integrated therapy improves microcirculation, normalization of acid-base balance and blood gases, increase exercise tolerance, elimination and reduction in manifestations of respiratory and heart failure (Šakula a.v., Bel-Keene S.a., etc.//Doctor, 2007). • CAD oposredovatel′no affects the Central and peripheral hemodynamics, intracardiac hemodynamics improves improves respiratory functions. CAD eliminates the spasm of the arteries, including the coronary, relieves spasm in both normal and atherosclerotic process affected coronary arteries that helps eliminate mikroangiopatii (Šakula a.v., Belâkin S.a., etc.//Doctor, 2007) . Taxifolin and chronic venous insufficiency • Course application CAD enhances microcirculation, removal of stagnant phenomena in venulârnom levels, reduce intravascular red blood cell aggregation and reduce permeability microvessels (Kozdov, Azizov, etc.//Doctor, 2006). • CAD leads to improved rheological properties of blood, the disappearance of pain and discomfort in the lower extremities (Kozlov, Azizov, etc.//Doctor, 2006). CAD and diabetes • CAD has the ability to suppress activity perekis-oxidation of lipids in erythrocyte membranes and platelets of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 (SD), resulting in a decrease in the content of malonic dialdehyde (MDA) in the cell membrane, increased activity of key antioxidant enzymes superoksiddis-mutases, catalase and glutationperok-sidazy in erythrocytes, reduction in platelet activity of platelets (Nedosugova L., Volkova A.k. etc.//Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2000). • The application of CAD in the treatment of patients with type 2 DIABETES the str-sobstvuetsniženiû activity of Na+/H+-exchanger in erythrocyte membrane and increase product NOthat bespeaks CAD on the functional activity of uniform elements blood reologiû (Balabokin m.i., Nedosugova L.v., etc.//problems of Endocrinology, 2003). • CAD contributes to a significant reduction in the level of HbA1c. (Nedosugova L.v.//Doctor, 2006). • The application of CAD in the treatment of patients with SD contributes to lowering the level of MDA and magnitude of clinical index evaluation of the severity of Onychomycosis (Dzuceva e.i., Kulagin V.i. et al., 2003). • CAD improves the rheological properties of blood, decreased haemoglobin index, as well as the level of adverse factors such as the content of triglycerides, VLDL-cholesterol level in the blood (Tikhonov v.i., 2008). CAD and cholesterol level • appointment of dihydroquercetin in complex treatment of diabetic patients helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides (Nedosugova l., 2006). • introduction of dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) along with vitamin c in the treatment of patients with chronic venous insufficiency contributes to reduction of triglycerides, total cholesterol and cholesterol (Tikhonov V.i. Report 2008) • inclusion of dihydroquercetin in conjunction with vitamin c in the complex therapy of peripheral atherosclerosis contributes to the normalization of the Exchange indices of cholesterol, reduce VLDL-cholesterol, reduce blood haemoglobin ratio by raising HDL-cholesterol (Tikhonov V.i. Report 2008) • the application of CAD in the treatment of patients with type 2 DIABETES the helps normalize blood lipid spectrum in authentic lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and increasing the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the face of low density lipoprotein (LDL) (Balabokin m.i., Beloyartseva M.f., etc.//diabetes, 2003). Antitumor effect of dihydroquercetin • dihydroquercetin demonstrates anti-tumor activity in cultures of malignant tumor cells (HEP-2 (epidermal laryngeal carcinoma) and Hela (cervical carcinoma) associated with activation Li-poperoksidacii processes in malignant cells (Kontorŝikova k.n., Alâsova A.v., etc., 2008). • inclusion of dihydroquercetin in composition of complex treatment for breast cancer patients can improve their quality of life, reduce the expression of toxic side effects of chemotherapy, regulate the processes of formation and elimination of peroxides and renders the immunomodulatory effect on immunological reactivity of these patients (Alâsova a.v., Majkoparova S.Č., Kontorŝikova K., 2006). • application of dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) consisting of comprehensive treatment schemes allows you to maintain a high enough level of functioning of endogenous antioxidant mechanisms and strengthen possibilities of organism detoxification breast cancer patients that clinically manifested declining incidence and reduced severity of side toksičeskihèffektov drugs (Majkoparova s. Abstract, 2010) • use of dihydroquercetin provides corrective action on the State of the immune status of patients with breast cancer, of raising the level of CD16 + cells and immunoregulatory index and warning significantly increasing CD25 + and CD95 + cells, reduces immune activity of cytotoxic drugs, reducing the incidence of lejkopenij (Majkoparova S.s. Autosummarize, 2010). For a long time people got together with food is not only necessary for the life of calories - protein, fat and carbohydrates - and biologically active substances that support the balance of the body at the right level to ensure his "fine tuning." Subsequently, with the development of canning technology and storage products, the situation has changed. The products after prolonged storage of biologically active substances disintegrated; Calories - remained, and the quality deteriorated products. Consumers had to make up for the lack of necessary substances using food supplements. It is not always convenient.For the first time this concerned underwent atomic bombings of Japan. There the concept of functional foods (AF) was introduced in 1989. The Japanese government has recognized functional food alternative to drug therapy, and identified it as a Food for Specific Health Use (FOSHU). By definition, functional foods for the human body - special foods intended for systematic use in food rations in all age groups of healthy people that have scientifically substantiated and confirmed properties that reduce the risk of developing diseases related to diet to prevent deficiency or fills available in the human body nutritional deficiencies, maintain and improve the health due to the presence in their structure of physiologically functional food ingredients. In 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to develop the Russian functional foods was given in the framework of the program of import substitution and strengthening public health. Trading house "DKW" together with JSC "Ametis" and Food Safety Academy is engaged in the development and implementation of domestic functional foods based on Dihydroquercetin - unique Russian flavonoid antioxidant, immunomodulator, hepatoprotective. This product will give a new quality of product supply, to strengthen the nation's health, prolong life and improve its quality. The use of DHQ in the production of a functional purpose foodsWhat is the ORAC score? Rating oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) analysis , which measures the antioxidant levels of food and other chemical substances. If a food has a high ORAC score, it means that the food has a high content of antioxidants. The power of an antioxidant is its ability to eliminate oxygen free radicals. With ORAC, a higher score means the food is better, helps fight diseases such as heart disease and cancer.Foods with a high ORAC score may protect cells and their components from oxidative damage.Oxygen radicals are chemicals that form naturally inside the body in the process of oxidation. Everyday functions such as digestion and physical activity produce oxygen radicals. Daily exposure to polluted air, rotten food and oxidizing radiation from the sun and electrical appliances also contribute.Clear example of the oxidation - corrosion of the metal . When it comes to corrosion, its structure weakens and falls apart, until, until you become worthless.This is what happens to our body when free radicals attack it. Organs, cells and other body parts can be weakened by oxidation. This leads to diseases such as skin cancer and cardiovascular diseases, senile dementia and osteoarthritis.ORAC assay was developed by Dr. Guohua Cao, a chemist and physician. The ORAC score covers all the antioxidants in foods. Antioxidants are not measured separately, but the ORAC test can identify which nutrients are the important antioxidants.The combination of nutrients found in foods may have protective properties stronger than some types. Many people get a number of their daily nutrients from supplements in pill or powder form, but in order to get the nutrients properly, it is important to get them from the chemicals of plants and not just from supplements. There are certain types of plants that have a greater level of antioxidants than others, and the ORAC can measure it.Different types of fruits and vegetables have different ORAC rating.The recommended "5 a day" servings of fruits and vegetables will give you a bill at 1750 ORAC units. You can choose seven types of fruits with a low ORAC level and achieve only 1,300 ORAC units, or you could pick seven with high values and receive around 6,000 ORAC units or more. A big handful of blueberries will give you about 6000 units.Studies have shown that eating foods with a high ORAC score raises the level of antioxidants in the blood of about 10 to 25%.Consumption rate in accordance with the ORAC score, according to experts is around 5,000 units per day to have had a significant impact on plasma and tissue at different levels of antioxidants. Eight to ten servings of brightly colored or dark green fruits and vegetables will help to achieve this level. More and more foods and supplements start to print the ORAC score on their labels that can help You in finding the products You need. Source: leading American resource answers to the most important questions http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-an-orac-score.htm Determination of antioxidant activity of dihydroquercetin TD DKV" on the ORAC scale confirmed that in one gram of the extract contains not less than 28 000 units ORAC, proven expertise leading U.S. and international laboratories. Dihydroquercetin (3,3',4',5,7-pentahydroxyflavanone, DHA) is the active antioxidant, antiradical unique drug, hepatoprotective, radioprotectant. Due to the high complexing properties DHA displays the body of heavy metals, including radionuclides. DHA is a substance, cleansing and strengthening the walls of blood vessels, the effective way of dealing with internal bleeding. Also dihydroquercetin is a unique immunomodulator, that is, the substance, corrective immune system of the person. From the chemical point of view, DHA is the representative of flavonoids, phenolic compounds are able to oxidize. Flavonoids are present in almost all plants. They are involved in the respiratory processes in plant cells, protect plants from harmful influences and shape their pigmentation. At the moment there are about 4000 bioflavonoids. Based on the structure of the molecules of dihydroquercetin, you can assume that it will have superior antiradical, antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that dihydroquercetin, due to its unique molecular structure, neutralizes the harmful, toxic to the body's free radicals, protecting from destruction of cell membranes, reduces the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Laboratory and clinical studies have shown that dihydroquercetin has a high antioxidant activity greater than previously known natural counterparts – vitamins b, C, β-carotene, tocopherol – dozens of times. If the daily dose of ascorbic acid as antioxidant, according to Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling, is a few grams (2 to 10), DGK "works as an antioxidant in doses ten times lower than the vitamin C. Proven definite anticancer effect of DHA. The effect on the growth of cancer cells by blocking the enzymes that promote the growth of abnormal cells and by activation of enzymes that are killers of cancer cells. DHA and other bioflavonoids treat cancer of the stomach, breast, gonads, lung, rectum and colon. Flavonoids and DHA including spasms of blood vessels, the digestive tract is saturated with oxygen, normalizes the renewal rate of the epithelium and the production of gastric juice. For this reason, it protects the body from cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, DHA as antibiotic destroys Helicobacter. It is known that flavonoids reduce swelling of the nasal cavity, larynx, ease breathing. In this situation, the flavonoids work as antigens binding to antibodies in human blood. A number of researchers have discovered a vivid anti-allergic effect in the use of DHA inside. Dihydroquercetin has a strong antibacterial properties, inhibiting putrefactive processes. Recently researchers are inclined to consider it a natural analogue of antibiotics. In sports practice the efficiency of dihydroquercetin representatives of different sports under the influence of loads of different intensity and volume, and also shows the opportunity to accelerate recovery of functional overload. It is shown that DHA can slow the aging process. Test DHA on old (23 months) mice that the activity of some enzymes returned to the level of young mice (2-3 months), and palmitinovoj amount of oleic acids in the experimental group increased and decreased arachidonic; also increased the mobility of mice, increased hair Shine and decreased the number of skin defects (ulcers). Given the lifestyle of modern inhabitant of the metropolis, dihydroquercetin substance, which is necessary to everyone: how to treat and prevent possible diseases, it is a drug that will allow you to maintain health and activity for many years. Member Academy of food security of Russia A. V. Ksenofontov Protect the microcirculation from the youth(or "ABC" longevity-for example, stools)How much the human race has existed for so many years he, with the efforts of their sages and scientists, trying to learn the nature and the way of longevity. And, admittedly, unsuccessfully. As of today, many (but not all) the causes of premature aging and disease, poisoning the lives of many people in its Golden period: retirement, povzroslee children and the entry into independent life, the emergence of grandchildren, the appearance of time "live for yourself", to travel, to "surrender" their Hobbies, etc.But, instead of all these pleasures of life, "pensioner" most comes, literally, in mortal combat with their loss and disease: Hypertensive heart disease (with all its "charms"), Atherosclerosis (and he, like everyone, a lot of their "charms", for example: chronic brain ischemia, and its extreme manifestation - stroke), diabetes, coronary artery disease, Benign and malignant tumors and much more, and much more. Unfortunately, does not possess the health of young generation – children and grandchildren entered into the Golden time of life.What is additional, haunting their lives, a factor that is not conducive to an active and enjoyable longevity.Along with the "pensioner" most fortunately, there is a "pensioner" minority. This is a subject of genuine envy not only the "disease" of the elderly, but also a large part of the younger generation, are not able to repeat that "allocates" these "eccentric ancestors". Namely: to keep the excellent physical form, a lot of work physically (often in the country), to preserve and share high intelligence, to radiate optimism, coupled with goodwill. In this regard, the question arises most of the afflicted: Why so unfair life is to me?Why do I suffer excruciating, constantly visiting doctors clinics, regularly podlechivayas" in "the coolest" hospitals and centers, and they are (healthy, "pensioner minority) live, enjoying the pleasures of life and do not know of the pains and problems that prevent me to enjoy life? The unequivocal answer to these questions is no. It is possible to speculate on the stated topic. Maybe someone will take on the path of reinvention of everyday life. Give it to God! I am sure that results will not hesitate to tell! Your reasoning let's build in this order: what is health?What, what factors it depends? What we are offered by modern science for the preservation and strengthening of health? Where to start? It's too late.So, what is health? Formulations of answers to this question a great many. They gave the ancient sages and modern scientists, as physicians and philosophers, physicists and lyricists, etc. with Me impressed with his talented brevity is: Health is a state of physical and mental well-being. I do not remember, to my shame, the author's wording, but I think it is comprehensive. How many of us can actually say that he is a state? I think – not much.Go ahead. What factors of human existence depends on the health? A lot of them. Try to group them into logical bundles. To do this, create an abstract image of health. This will help to learn the logic of our reasoning. A couple of years ago, maybe more, in the popular newspaper HLS (Healthy lifestyle) was published my article with the title "Stool of health."The article received quite a lively response from readers, as evidenced by numerous letters and phone calls to me. In this article, I first used the image of the stool as the image of health. I propose to return to it in our reasoning. In my opinion, it's simple, accessible and visual way. What is a stool, I think, known to all. Now this essential piece of everyday life replaced by a more "advanced" chairs and armchairs. But, nevertheless, he is known to the vast majority of the population, predominantly rural. It sit at the table and not only.The stool has four legs, fastened together at the top and bottom of the durable, wood Zarghami and provocame. The top legs of the stool stapled the seat is actually sitting on what. Impatient, I ask: And what here health? Answer: It is our primitive (for ease of explanation and understanding) of the way (you can say metaphor) philosophical-medical categories: health. Now argue on. The stool is durable and comfortable for sitting when all of its legs are firmly connected.Once weakens the mount in one, at least, would, place, problems arise with the use of stools, can, simply, fall. But if weakened attachment to several places? This stool is better not to use it. Dangerous to health, and for life itself. And if the stool fell off the seat? She can fall apart and then just throw it out of the house unnecessary. The image of "health-stool" is that we imagine: four legs are the four components of the health factor.The first leg is what we eat and drink. Second – what we breathe. The third is what we were given (passed) dad and mom, ie heredity, genetics. This can be attributed to the quality of healthcare given to us by the state. Fourth leg is our physical activity. It should be adequate. Harmful and lack (physical inactivity), the excess of (hyperdynamic, high performance sports, professional sports). The benefits of physical education (PHYSICAL education!). What is the seat of the stools? What will we cling to it in your way? And we correlate it with the psyche. You can still say – with the mental sphere. What is it? – you know, I think everybody. But let's all just "synchronize your watches". It is our feelings (or emotions), our conscious and subconscious minds, our intellect, moral qualities, etc.In General, everything that the human race relates to the concepts of soul and spirit. Now imagine that seat, losing mounts, came off from the legs. All! "Blown away" – aptly wits "of the people". To sit (read – live) is impossible. No wonder, almost all the medical schools of antiquity, gave symptoms of mental supremacy over the bodily. Mean priorities in the diagnostic judgement in the choice of therapeutic strategy.Now let's make a brief summary of our "taburetochnye" reasoning. They, I think, is obvious. Stool durable and functional (i.e. can be used as intended) only when all mounts are durable and reliable, have your functional reserve of strength. Loss of strength, reliability and functionality of one site of attachment and on the "health" of the stool (and this, remember, primitive way our health) speech does not go. She's sick! In need of repair. Ie treatment, if you get out of the way and return to our complicated present.And the treatment will be determined by which leg is lame" and how much they have lost fully or partially their places of attachment. Depending on the degree of "defect fixing" will be made and the prognosis of the disease. And it can be both favorable and unfavorable. But the most important thing that we must endure and learn, "one", is the way of healing, ways of prevention of diseases, ways of building reliable, robust health. Its preservation and strengthening.Go back again to the image of the "stool of health" and slowly, alone, aloof from the Madding crowd, think. Unless, of course, want to be healthy and to join the ranks of "pensioner" minority, turning it into an absolute majority. Even if You are far from retirement age – it will still be useful. Because the river of life all flowing in the same direction. And young, in this sense, have a bonus they need, just to deal with prevention. They have no need to fight already existing illnesses.Appreciate it an important advantage over the generations of parents and grandparents.Now let's move on to the next question. Today offers us the medical science to preserve and promote good health. Focus only on the obvious, generally accepted the recommendations and will try to do without discussion. Although, in some areas, it's going to be tough. First of all, let's list the basic state preexisting. For this is our priorities. Since you do not need the intervention of doctors dealing with established disease. But the recommendations discussed here will be certainly useful to individuals burdened with a "bouquet" of chronic diseases. Only in their situation, following the "canons of the genre", it is advisable to discuss their (our recommendations) with your doctor. It would be more to Your doctor, at least on an intuitive level, understood the meaning and significance of naturopathic, i.e., a natural therapeutic approach to the management of their patients.If so – You got lucky. If not – decide.So, let's list the "first bells" of illness, i.e., preexisting. This is when people still can understand – he is sick or just tired (lack of sleep, reacted to changes in weather conditions, not eat, etc., or changes (in blood, urine, ECG, x-ray, etc.) detected "accidentally" during routine examination (prophylactic medical examination, medical examination, etc.). This is when periods of good health alternating with episodes of "unexplained" lack the usual vigor. For consistency of presentation we start from the systems that make up the body (sorry for the tautology).Nervous system: unusual fatigue, irritability, headaches, weather sensitivity, minor mood, headaches, need for additional leisure.Cardio-vascular system: periodic discomfort in the heart area pain (often aching), interruptions and fading (arrhythmia), dyspnea during usual physical exertion, swelling of the ankle areas to the end of the day (in the evening). In the biochemical blood test revealing elevated cholesterolRespiratory system including ENT-organs: easy susceptibility to colds and viral respiratory infection, prolonged their course, despite active treatment, a inclination to complications.Digestive system: recurrent pain in the epigastric region, heartburn, bloating, disorders of the rhythm of bowel movement, the appearance of periodic intolerance of certain foods or dish, the dryness and unpleasant taste in the mouth etc.Urogenital system: frequent and painful urination, pain in the suprapubic and lumbar area, the appearance of the unusual smell and color of urine, reduced libido (libido), the formation of erectile dysfunction, frigidity. The growth of fibroids, PMS, leukorrhea and frequent.Endocrine system: reduced tolerance to glucose (prediabetes), detection of changes in blood are typical for the beginning of diseases of the thyroid gland (TSH, T-3 and T-4), visible enlargement of the thyroid gland (goiter), pucheglazija, etc.The bone-muscular system: periodic joint pain, and changes their appearance (swelling, redness or paleness, etc.), deterioration of exercise capacity.Skin and appendages: lung abscess minor skin lesions and the appearance of rashes, papillomas, warty growths, areas of hyperpigmentation or opposite – depigmentation, breakage and shape changes of the nails, loss of hair etc.Immune system: All of the above usually indicates a decline in her functional strength and requires inspection by a competent doctor.Not hard to guess that the appearance of certain symptoms listed above, provided that inattention to them leads to more serious, and often tragic, health problems. The optimal algorithm of actions in such situation would be the visit to the doctor and passing the appropriate advanced examination for exclusion or confirmation of the arisen disease. If the disease is detected – complete the appropriate treatment under the supervision of a physician.If the doctor stated "minor functional deviations/changes or, as a result of the treatment, achieved a stable remission of the disease, generally followed by recommendations to comply with modes of work and rest, diet and physical therapy. Recommendations, by themselves, correct, but with the "odor" of the formalism. Therefore, it is necessary to take the situation under his own control, i.e. in their own hands. It is, above all, and first of all, in Your best interest. The question is: what should I do? Logical answer:Get healthy! How? First – remember our image of the stool. Analyze all of her legs and mounts, in relation to themselves. Determine the direction and the means are clear and available to You for the purposes of recovery. "Immerse yourself" in the subject of healing the body, acetates and nonsites already "immersed" in the subject. Today it is not too difficult, and the benefits undeniable. Comprehensive recommendations for each case in one article it is impossible to provide. Everyone has their own way "lame" or that "stool leg" and selection of "adhesive means" individual. It is important to remember the principle:Rehabilitation facilities should affect the maximum number of legs and fasteners connections" in our image "stool of health." The undisputed "leaders" in this sense are: fresh air, healthy food and clean water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids (dihydroquercetin!); physical culture, competent and responsible health care; forming positive personality traits (the most difficult part of the whole healing process, but the necessary basis!). Remember the "seat of the stool is the mental sphere, without which, in fact, no stool. In terms of formation of a healthy psyche, in my opinion, better than the recommendations of the traditional religions. The choice of communication with a spiritual mentor or a licensed psychologist, will leave to each his own.Back to corporal problems, not forgetting that they are largely determined by the mental characteristics of a particular individual. I deliberately highlighted the wordsbioflavonoids (or simply flavonoids) and dihydroquercetin, to focus Your attention on them. The undisputed "leaders" listed above, at the hearing at all. Their benefit to the organism is not in doubt. With flavonoids the situation is somewhat weaker. They know less. Although about official pharmaceuticals – askorutin, many people know about R-vitamins heard most. Ascorutinum is a compound of vitamin C and the bioflavonoid rutin. This means a good reputation in the medical practice. What is important to know about bioflavonoids? It was a large group of biologically active compounds of the plant world. They are often called plant pigments.In the human body they are synthesized, but very important for his life. Their need is satisfied by the intake of plant foods. To date, scientists have identified about 7,000 different flavonoids, which are accumulated practically in all plant parts (leaves, wood, etc.). Many of them are defined by their chemical formulas, examined the role and importance in the human body. Call some of them familiar to most reading people indifferent to their own health.This: tea catechins, which determine the use of tea and cocoa, the anthocyanins of the berries that determine the use of their eating, along with vitamins and minerals, caffeine, contained in coffee beans and, again, in tea, theobromine in cocoa beans, lycopene of tomatoes block the growth of some malignant tumors and many others "into the tree" it is possible to allocate the basic functions of flavonoids in the human body and in plants. Here are the main ones, having a substantial scientific evidence base. The emphasis will do on the DIHYDROQUERCETIN, becauseit is the most studied and sought after in the dissertation research, is at the peak of scientific and practical interest, due to "revelations" a unique and multilateral therapeutic properties. So, DIHYDROQUERCETIN:1).Has high antioxidant activity. What is it? This is a separate issue. The Internet has a lot of material on the subject.Speaking extracto – inactivation of free oxygen radicals that are constantly formed in the body during metabolism and are the main cause of the emergence and development of many diseases (diabetes, metabolic syndrome, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, hypertensive heart disease, chronic cerebral ischemia, myocardial infarction, stroke, encephalopathy, dementia (dementia, b-HB Alzheimer's disease), arthrosis-arthritis, hypothyroidism, malignant tumors and many different and nasty) and premature aging and senility of the organism and deformation.2).Normalizes cholesterol metabolism, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Lowers "bad" cholesterol (including triglycerides) and increases "good".3). Has radioprotective properties. What is it? Literally – assistant in diseases caused by radiation affecting factors: radioactive alpha, beta, gamma radiation, x-rays, radionuclides, isotopes, microwave radiation, UV radiation, etc., you Can add this also harm long-term "communicate" with TV, oven-microwave, computer and other gadgets.4). Has hepatoprotective properties. What is this? Again, literally – help the liver. (hepato – liver-protection – assistance, translation from "Latin"). I think that it is not necessary to tell how "difficult liver" in the modern world. Ecology "hits" on the liver from all directions: food, water, air, etc. (remember the image of the "stool"). Without extra help, the liver will weaken prematurely. But diseases inherent in it heavy. Many fatal. "Lay a straw" - it is necessary in advance.5). Has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immune-modifying properties. Combined these three areas into a single paragraph, not to "load" You too. I will only say briefly: it has its own internal biological and clinical logic, confirmed in several dissertation studies.6). The dihydroquercetin is inherent in such an important ability as complexation and, on this basis, the conclusion from the body of radionuclides and heavy metals.7). This item is integral and essential. He is the "child" of the six previous paragraphs. Its essence is reflected in the fact that the "work" identified in the first six paragraphs in the body ,primarily in the affected organs and tissues restored MICROCIRCULATION of BLOOD and LYMPH. ??? – YOU will ask. Microcirculation is the micro – level in the tissues of the body, which is the final process of delivery and exchange of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body with arterial blood and fence, and taking the "waste materials" and CO2 from the tissues (cells) – venous blood together with lymph. The value of the microcirculation is not limited to just that. Violations and obstruction of the microcirculation is often the first step in the development of most human diseases. The cunning of the situation is bessimptomnom of the process at the initial stage of the disease.The conclusion is clear. It is obvious – the body should be provided with the flavonoids, and always in sufficient quantity. Their source – plant foods (fruits, vegetables, berries). In the first half of life (35 – 45 years) healthy body, usually. But not for everyone. Especially urban areas, works with harmful factors and working conditions, including athletes and not only professionals living in ecologically unfavorable areas and places etc.The groups of persons and healthy persons after 40 years of just "eat" the required amount of flavonoids – a difficult task: you want more, the digestive system can hardly cope with this amount of plant food without health problems. Functional capacity of the gastrointestinal tract are reduced. The quality of the food, again, today, suffers. And symptoms predvolena, which we have discussed above, as a rule, is already being felt in this age and in these conditions. The only solution is an additional medication that contains bioflavonoids.Especially DIHYDROQUERCETIN. Why him? Because the most studied and dihydroquercetin (remember our "stool") is actively working on all of her "legs and mounts, especially the seat".Pharmacological and physiological effects of dihydroquercetin identified by scientists in the course of its study: anti-ischemic (improved deficient blood supply to the affected tissues and organs), antihypoxic (elimination of oxygen starvation of the affected tissues and organs), increase in lymphokinesis activity (to improve the flow of lymph), revascularization (formation of new blood vessels is dead. Usually small caliber.Again, the microcirculation.), the restoration of glucose tolerance (it's about diabetes, improved emotional state, mood (antidepressant effect), genoprotective (improving the condition and function of the veins in chronic venous insufficiency).Drugs dihydroquercetin today well represented in the pharmaceutical market. They are all manufactured from larch, which grows in the Baikal region. The only drawback (besides drugs DKV-99) – a small dose of active ingredient (actually dihydroquercetin). Drugs DKV-99, contain an adequate working dose of Taxifolin. Convenient to the reception two times a day, morning and evening, one capsule, regardless of the meal. Affordable. Average preventive course of reception 5 – 7 weeks. Preferably 2 – 3 preventive courses per year.Treatment courses (dose and duration) it is better to discuss with the doctor ("topic").Be healthy! Protect the microcirculation from an early age!Sincerely, Dr Bellies Valery, therapist highestcategory (phytotherapeutist, homeopath, profpathology.. Chairman MosMinkowski phytotherapeutic society (ROO), Colonel of medicalservice.Trading house "DKW"torgdkv.rfforewordCardiovascular, cancer and metabolic and immune system diseases for a long time called the century. The reason for their rapid growth are all obvious factors - stress, bad e kologiya, unhealthy diet, does not satisfy the natural needs of the body in vitamins, sedentary lifestyle, and high-ionizing radiation, air and water pollution.In recent years, interest in herbal remedies increased significantly, ie ak they are safer and more compatible with human physiology than the usual modern medicine, synthetic drugs. Herbal drugs often represented families of components such as the terpenoids, steroids, alkaloids and flavonoids. We will discuss the pharmacological properties bioflavonoids and, in particular, about the most interesting representatives of this class of compounds - Dihydroquercetin (DHQ), unique in its combination of physiologically active properties. Dihydroquercetin - an active antioxidant, antiradical unique drug gepatoprotektor, radioprotectant. Due to the high complexing properties of DHQ displays the body of heavy metals, including radionuclides. DKV - Substance, purifying and firming the walls of blood vessels, effective against internal bleeding.But the main thing - Dihydroquercetin It is unique immunomodulator, ie a substance correcting the immune system of the person.Taking into account the lifestyle of the metropolis inhabitant sovremennog, Dihydroquercetin - The substance to be everyone: both for treatment and prevention of possible diseases, it is - a drug, which will maintain the health and activity for many years.Now all of this - more. On the existence of substances that can resist diseases, mankind has known in antiquity. For healers saving sick people from sepsis, pneumonia, erysipelas, bleeding and in those days, when there was no synthetic drugs - Synthetic drugs were actively put into practice only in the XIX century. The first attempts to scientifically explain the therapeutic effect are XVI - XVII centuries. But only in the twentieth century, science has got a chance to explore, understand and explain the mechanism of action of drugs.Here science has encountered difficulties. Synthetic materials can easily be distinguished in the individual form, they provide a quick and noticeable effect, explore and use them quite simple.However, quite quickly come to understand that synthetic drugs bring not only benefit, but harm. At the everyday level, this is expressed by the well-known proverb "one you treat - another cripple", the medical language gov oryat about side effects of synthetic drugs: violation of liver function, reproductive function, allergic reactions, etc.Therefore, renewed interest in herbal drugs as having useful properties of synthetic, but n e have such side effects. Work harder with them: they are not easy to distinguish from vegetable raw materials pure form without damaging their molecular and crystalline structure, and they are not always individually and in combination with other substances; their effect is not as fast as in synthetic, they require long-term use; but the effect of their stability and diversity than the synthetic substances; moreover, have fewer side effects.Now research scientists are looking for the best ways to extract these substances from plants in appropriate amounts, without disturbing them molecular and crystal structure of - The basis of their efficiency. In 1814, French explorer Chevrolet allocated first flavonoid, later called "quercetin".In Russia, the study of flavonoids Polo lived the beginning of the famous botanist Ivan Parfen'evich Borodin (1847-1930) in 1873. A new stage in the study of bioflavonoids began when in 1936 the American scientists of Hungarian origin, Albert Szent-Györgyi and István Rusnyak found that a complete cure is, of scurvy is possible only in the case of vitamin combination with another substance that increases the resistance of the capillaries, and isolated this substance ( citrus) and called it vitamin P (from the Latin protectio - Protection). Later (in 1950) called "Vitamin P" is not quite appropriate concept of "vitamins", it was replaced by the name "bioflavonoids."Flavonoids - Plant pigments that are formed and deposited in different parts of the plant. The structure is based on bioflavonoid fl avant heterocyclic compound and their variations due to manifold arrangement of the substituents (hydroxy - methoxy - and other groups) and aromatic heterocyclic parts of the molecule.From a chemical standpoint flavonoids - a phenolic compound capable of actively oxidize (antioxidants). This property is the basis of the pharmacological action of the flavonoid. Flavonoids are present in almost all plants. They are involved in the respiratory cell processes, protect plants from harmful influences and shape their pigmentation and th. Currently, about 4,000 open bioflavonoids.The most active of the flavonoids and is available dihydroquercetin (2R, 3rd-dihydro -3,5,7-trihydroxy-2- [3 ', 4'-dihydroxyphenyl] - 4H-1-benzopyran -4-one, or 3,3', 4 ', 5,7 - pentagidroksiflavanon).Flavan, the founder of a number of In the body of plants DHQ molecule is a molecule that is actively involved in enzymatic processes of plant organism, directly in the biosynthesis, ie, the formation of molecules related forms of flavonoids (phenolic compounds or polyphenols), hormonal plant growth processes characteristic of the molecule DKV metabolic processes, aimed at the growth and survival of the plant body. Phenolic compounds play an important role in the regulation of metabolic processes plural ogih in biological objects including animals and humans. Pastoralists have long paid attention to the known fact that in rainy years herbivores often ill than in years of high solar activity. This circumstance had to s associated with the dependence of the quality of feed on natural conditions. It has been shown that in rainy years content of phenolic compounds in plants decreases, which directly affects the health of the animals.It is known as the "French paradox": Do the set of red wine the French suffer from cardiovascular diseases is much less than their non-drinking neighbors. This is explained by the presence of large amounts of red wine flavonoids and other polyphenols, in particular - Resveratrol.Over the past few de Decade, flavonoid - Dihydroquercetin studied intensively because of the unique pleiotropic (multilateral) biological properties. As part of the phenolic compounds (polyphenols), DKV has been found in many plants, various berries, fruits x, vegetables, edible oils, nuts, herbs and medicinal plants in different types of red wines. Dihydroquercetin peculiarity is that it is found in large quantities in widespread raw material - wood larch.Level I laboratory development and industrial machinery of the twentieth century for a long time does not allow bioflavonoids, including Dihydroquercetin, in many - any significant quantities, which put a barrier to the implementation of their medical practice. For a long time it was thought that digidrokv ertsetin found only in expensive raw materials - in citrus, grape bones, Sophora japonica, rose petals, stems gingko biloba. Due to the high cost of raw materials production of medicinal substances both in our country and abroad and, consequently, you start on the basis of its pharmaceutical products was virtually impossible - until the arrival of the extraction techniques dihydroquercetin softwood. In higher plants, an important role of phenolic compounds in the duration of the life cycle. In numerous studies, the quantitative ratio of phenolic compounds in higher plants correlates with the ability of plants to protect from decay and putrefaction (fungicidal effect). The presence of free hydroxyl groups is essential for flavonoids (phenolic compounds) - inhibitors of oxidative processes, which are the main source of energy for the formation of parasitic fungi, leading to rotting processes and which use some type of free radical damage to cell membranes. In this regard, it was proposed dual effect of phenolic compounds, namely flavonoids - exhibit fungicidalU and GLaction and antioxidant action. A significant correlation between the content of phenolic compounds and fungicidal crop protection has been confirmed for the coniferous trees pore d. dihydroquercetin was found in large quantities mainly in the rocks of the larch (larch, Dahurian larch, larch Komarov), and confirmed their significant role in the duration of the life cycle of foliage CNRS - Larix . DKV in significant quantities has also been detected in other conifers - Cedrus (cedar) and Pseudotsuga (lozhnotsuga, or Douglas fir - Douglas or Oregon pine). However, fungicidal and antioxidant mechanism of action digidrokvertset ins vyvlen was only in 1950, the 60-ies.In the late 1960s, Professor Tyukavin NA. with a group of scientists identified dihydroquercetin of larch wood. The uniqueness of this scientific discovery was that the substance is not obtained from a plant in the form of tinctures, ointments ytyazhki (extract) is used from old times used herbal, and as a single substance, a crystalline powder. Now it has become possible to use in the form of capsules or tablets, in concentrations of hundreds of times greater than the previous e kstrakty.So, there was a revolution in the study of bioflavonoids, was obtained natural active ingredient, which could easily compete with synthetic drugs. The problem of free radicals Free radicals are continually formed in a body under the influence of external factors (ionizing radiation), diseases (in the course of inflammatory processes) and in healthy condition of the respiratory processes.The accumulation of free radicals leads to the destruction of cell membranes, but trace ovatelno to their aging or death.Avoid the formation of free radicals is not possible, but you must deal with them.The problem is not in the formation of free radicals, this process is inevitable, and in the detoxification and excretion from the body.Naturally, the body has developed an internal protection against such poisons: cytochrome C, superoxide dismutase, ubiquinone. Not always these internal reserves enough to withstand the onslaught of free radicals. In this case, We need help from the outside for the disposal of aggressive destroyers of brain cells, heart, blood vessels, liver.It is generally accepted opinion that in many diseases marked oxidative stress. Oxidative stress - a satellite of conditions such as inflammation, infectious damage, traumatic shock, "crush syndrome" reperfusion shock and each state s, accompanied by the collapse of an active purines or mitochondrial damage. Oxidative stress also occurs when the foreign agent itself converts water and organic molecules into free radicals (radiation, including medical, SDYAV about it s, divalent iron), at receipt of certain drugs and toxins.Especially many free radicals formed during the bacterial and viral diseases.Especially pathogenic chain peroxidation of membrane lipids (POL).Processes waist peroxide oxidation of lipids (POL) are constantly taking place in the body. Influence of lipid peroxidation manifested in updating and maintaining the composition of the functional properties of biological membranes, participation in energy processes, cell division, the synthesis of biologically active substances. Perc essy peroxidation lead to the formation of aldehydes, epoxides, lipid peroxides, which inhibit DNA synthesis and cell division can lead to damage and increase cell membrane permeability, oxidative modification of structural proteins, enzymes, used iologicheski active substances that may contribute to the development of neoplastic processes. Paul and his products, acting as a "primary mediator" or stress «SOS replied," are one of the earliest regulatory mechanisms, which was developed in the course of evolution.If the pathogenetic role of free radicals in living organisms has been identified and experimentally proven their positive properties opened only 1972-1973 years, when I was shown an association breathing "explosion" in the phagocytic cells with the generation of reactive oxygen species. It was found that the bactericidal function of phagocytes engaged in protection of the body from bacterial infections, largely depends on the ability of cells to turn out superoxide radical and hydrogen peroxide. There was a set that oxygen radicals are widely involved in the processes of non-specific resistance of the organism and immune regulation. It was also found that the reduction in their production weakens nonspecific immunity and can be cause of bacterialI infection. A striking example of this is genetically determined disease - chronic granulёmatoz; people suffering from them die at an early age from bacterial infections. However, the generation of reactive oxygen species by phagocytic cells in large quantities It can cause damage to cells and tissues of its own body and contribute to the example in autoimmune aggression (rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease). Excess superoxide anion should be quickly removed before they have a chance p zrushat and cell membranes. Thus, the need is not unique lock free radical processes in the body, and their fine regulation. DKV - a reference antioxidantCurrently it has considerable factual material, revealing the molecular basis of the biological effect of phenolic compounds, and in particular the DHQ. Despite all the structural diversity of plant phenolic products, their effects on biological tissues can be traced some general laws that allow to establish a definite correlation between their structure and biological properties. The main active principle, providing the phenolic antioxidants, which include Dihydroquercetin, the ability to inhibit the radical oxidation processes, is a hydroxyl group attached to an aromatic yadr have. Due to the presence in the structure of the aromatic ring system of generalized I - there is a displacement of electrons of negative charge on the oxygen, resulting in a fairly easy separation of water from the kind of atom to form a hydroxyl different isomeric fenoksiradikala forms. The antioxidant properties of phenolic compounds depend essentially on the number of OH groups, their position and the degree of screening. Proceeding from the molecular structure Dihydroquercetin couldassume that it will have excellent E antiradical, antioxidant properties.Studies have shown that Dihydroquercetin, thanks to its unique molecular structure, neutralizes harmful toxic to the body of free radicals, preventing the destruction of the cell membranes, reduces the harmful effects of oxidative stress.Laboratory and clinical studies have shown that dihydroquercetin isolated from larch has a high antioxidant activity greater than the previously known natural analogs - Vitamins B, C, - carotene, tocopherol - dozens of times. If the daily intake of ascorbic acid as an antioxidant, according to Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, is a few grams, the DKV "works" as an antioxidant at doses ten times lower Th m vitamin C. Furthermore, indirect DHQ exhibits antioxidant effect capable of activating (or stimulating) enzyme phase 2 detoxification in the liver which act as a defense mechanism, a wide range of running processes antioxidant to prevent cell damage. Effect dihydroquercetin indirect antioxidant action is retained even after removal from the body, unlike direct antioxidant action ingredient.Because of the unique properties of DHQ as an interceptor of radicals free, consider it reference antioxidant. In studies with the population, carried out in the USA, the consumption of fruit andvegetables, contributing to obtaining a daily minimum standards set out inthe ORAC units, and 200 units of 3 increases the antioxidant capacityBlood 10 - 15%, which is sufficient to pro galactic order.DKV - antitumor activity The creators of the single crystal were conducted DKV researchantitumor effect drug. He was proved indubitableanti-carcinogenic effect of this flavonoid.T cells along with monocytes, macrophages, killer cells is carried out in the presence of DHQ much of effective action than free drug administration. Flavonoids are considered to be promising anticancer natural products. Many articles described the termination of growth of cancer cells as a result of the suppression of the flavonoids process. The mechanism of WHO Dr. Procedure on the growth of cancer cells is carried out by blocking the enzymes that contribute to the growth of abnormal cells and by activating enzymes that are killers of cancer cells. Bioflavonoids cure cancer of the stomach, breast, gonads, lungs, etc. I mine and colon. 9DKV - immunomodulator Immunomod ulyatory by nature and man - a substance that can organize the work of the complex mechanism of immunity, restore the missing links in the chain of protection, start fading biochemical reactions.T cells circulating in the blood, they are given the main role in the "murder" of alien objects. But, in spite of the dominant role in immunity, they are not able to recognize the "outsider" to expose strictly specific weapon against him. Represent T-cells to destroy the object of macrophages and T cells are dendrites, ie cells, able to detect the "enemy": whether it is a virus, bacteria or cancer cells. If it fails, the T-cells will not be in action of macrophages to destroy the "enemy". The next important immunity chain are interleukins and and nterferon derived T lymphocytes. Without a complex interaction of cells through interleukins, causing, in case of danger, the proliferation of T - and B-lymphocytes, including anti-tumor killer cells (CC) - immunodeficiency and there will pas t cal process.Flavonoids including DHQ, enhance activation of T-cells by stimulating the production of interferon.Dihydroquercetin activates macrophages - immune cells alarm system. DKV and cardiovascular disease Why so fast iznashiv ayutsya organs of the human body? The lack of plant foods, oxygen deprivation, lack of exercise, nicotine, alcohol - that is the answer. The result - the same, already mentioned free radicals disrupt vascular cells, liver, skin, and n serd etc. Internal antiradical reserves can not cope with the onslaught of toxic substances. Conclusion undeniable - it is necessary to help the body get rid of oxidized products. cells heart and blood vessels especially susceptible to the action of radicals. Inflammation suck REMOTE wall leads to the development of atherosclerosis, as excess cholesterol attached to the brittle, damaged walls in the form of plaques, narrowing the lumen of blood vessels, and causes coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes. Scientists have shown that flavonoids (digidrokve rtsetin) blocks the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol, thus reducing its production in the body. It is not that, saving your food from cholesterol-containing foods, we get rid of cholesterol. Most of the cholesterol is synthesized in about rganizme. Modern medicine uses a number of cholesterol-lowering drugs of synthetic origin, who have successfully disposed of excess cholesterol. But for several reasons, first of all, a high price, they are not readily available. Dihydroquercetin - Natural origin of the substance, the inhibitory action of the enzyme that produces cholesterol. DKV and peptic ulcer disease At the heart of peptic ulcer disease is psychological stress.As is known, the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract in humans is completely updated for 24 hours. Old epitope Eliya digested, it breaks new 10It grows. Stress hormones constrict vessels gastrointestinal tract, wherein the oxygen supply to the tissues decreases sharply enhanced secretion of glands, increases the concentration of acid and epithelial renewal rate decreases. This creates a fertile ground for the development of peptic ulcer disease. Recently, clinicians also considered the nature of bacterial ulcer disease, ie, on fertile ground stressiruemogo stomach settles bacillus Helicobacter pillori develops there, causing an ulcer. According to foreign researchers, flavonoids (DHQ) relieves spasms of blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract organs are saturated with oxygen, normal update rate of the epithelium and the development of gastric juice. In addition, DKV as antibacterial drug, kills helicobacter.DKV and allergic diseases Allergy is an excessive immune response to certain agents living and nonliving origin. Already in the 1930s was known flavonoid, has been used successfully in the form of a nasal spray as an antiallergic etc. eparat. It has long been known that flavonoids relieve swelling of the nasal cavity, larynx, facilitates breathing. In this situation, flavonoids work as antigens binding to antibodies in human blood.A number of researchers had found a bright anti-allergic effectiveness at a use of flavonoids in. DKV and bacterial infection Using flavonoid against bacterial and fungal diseases has two purposes: to kill bacterial and fungal cells and neutralize bacterial toxins.Mechanism of bactericidal action of DKV associated with its phenolic groups. The first rational use of phenols and their compounds in pharmacology as antiseptics (carbolic acid) contributed to the rapid progress of surgical techniques in medicine. Microbiologists have shown that l bo shinstvo pathogenic strains of bacteria stopped or slowed growth in the presence of bioflavonoids. Undoubted evidence of the antibacterial action of DHQ are studies on the healing of purulent wounds in the Institute of Surgery. Vishnevsky RAMS. Otechest in tary experts have developed bandages saturated DHQ for disinfection festering wound surfaces. The effect of the use of this material has surpassed all expectations. Wound healing, reduce inflammation and suppuration occurred in several p and h faster than with a conventional dressing. Dihydroquercetin It has strong antibacterial properties, inhibiting putrefaction. Recently, researchers tend to regard it as a natural analogue of the antibiotic. DHQ as a remedy for fatigue DKV tests were conducted on rats and pigs yah (breed "Yorkshire", the body which is most similar in their responses to external stimuli to a human); Experiments have shown that when using DHQ for 48 days increased the immune status of 20% (according to exponents based morphometric spleen l s); heart rate after exercise applications decreased by 10% in comparison with controls; increased rate of lipid metabolism (according thyroid morphological studies); Experimental group was "slimmer" (s varied than the thickness of the bacon) In sports practice shows the effectiveness of DHQ and representatives of sports with the cyclical nature of the activities under the influence of different loads intensinosti and volume, as well as shows the possibility of accelerating th functional recovery after overload. (Tests carried out at the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism). The results of product testing TD "DKV" in the anti-doping allows the manufacturer to position dihydro quercetin (DHQ) and larch arabinogalactan (AG) as a biologically active food additives to food for professional athletes.According to tests based on the DKW products on-fighters judoka, he has a profound and complex impact ozdorovitel noe. Analysis of the subjective assessment of the effectiveness of the application showed a significant improvement in weight sgonki tolerance (70%) and training loads (100%). All athletes have noted improvement in tolerance of training loads ( "lightness in the body," "ease muscle", "the desire to train," etc.).During the test period and postispytatelnom not been a single injury, a single episode of SARS, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, no case of indigestion or intoxication.During the testing time, the majority of athletes (90%), general physical health indicators, speed-strength endurance were improved. Removing accumulated during training and competition loads of toxic products of metabolism, drug improves laboratory indicators is, and at the same time, is a supplier of energy substrates to ensure efficient UTR. The positive effect develops gradually.If we talk about a close and understandable to the modern human condition, the effect of free Radik als is one of the causes of fatigue. Muscle fatigue and pain, known to all, is largely due to the collapse of glucose lactic acid; accumulating in the tissues of lactic acid causes a feeling of tiredness and fatigue. The same can be said about known to all, "manager syndrome", also known as - "chronic fatigue syndrome". General lethargy, decreased physical and intellectual performance, confusion, depression - all of these are signs of insufficient supply of tissues with nutrients and kitty liter Orodes and insufficient rate of excretion of degradation products, which leads to poisoning of the body at the cellular level. Dihydroquercetin and its derivatives, strengthening vascular tissue, contribute to the restoration of their transport function and get rid of the "manager's syndrome."It should also be noted that digidrokve rtsetin - not short-term stimulant; it does not give an instant effect, it acts only with long-term, course intake. For this reason, it has no "withdrawal"; it does not cause dependency.production Features But why do so n op, despite the fact that from the moment the way was open to the industrial production of DHQ, passed many years, this unique substance has not yet gained its rightful glory?The fact that the work is not synthetic and natural substances hocks sludge before scientists and technologists a new and very intractable problem. In synthetic substances, which both scientists and industrialists have dealt before, the molecule has a strong and sustainable. In natural substances molecule more labile (easily changeable). On one hand, this leads to the fact that natural substances and Taxifolin including able to influence not one process occurring in the body, but to several, which is their major advantage over synthetic drugs on the other hand -. it makes unstable natural substances to the influences to which the synthetic material is quite stable.His biological activity Dihydroquercetin manifests only when it is in the R, R - Configuration (remember er of chemical name - the R 2, the R 3 - dihydro -3,5,7-trihydroxy-2- [3 ', 4'-dihydroxyphenyl] - 4H-1-benzopyran-4-one). But other its conformation (optical isomers) - S, S; R, S; S, R - In that it can move by Walden inversion under alongside a ystviem temperature, solvent, pH of the medium. A mixture of all four optical isomers are called "polycrystalline" dihydroquercetin.Possible configurations Dihydroquercetin Since almost all extraction processes are associated with exposure to the plant material or temperature or corrosive solvents or pH, then remove Dihydroquercetin maintaining the natural structure(monocrystalline) for a long time did not work. Under the influence of discharge conditions were extracted substance having a X And the activity of pure DHQ (polycrystalline DHQ). Actually I get a more expensive analogue of sodium benzoate - a good preservative, harmless, but virtually devoid of unique biologically active properties of the naturaldihydroquercetin - anti, anti-cancer,immunomodulatory, n patoprotektornyh.A method for producing DKV does not allow the use of conventional high-temperature extraction technology and application of high-solvent; permissible only weak energy exposure (pulse, pulsing) to the original plant material. Common in the last century Wood chemical extraction technology of bioactive phenolic compounds (such as "explosive autohydrolysis" timber extraction method based on a sharp drop of temperatures and pressures, resulting kotorog of water in the cells instantly boil and destroyed the wood) to produce DHQ unacceptable.We have the results of the research were chosen such conditions the process of allocation of DHQ from natural raw materials (Dahurian larch), under which there is no destruction of the natural molecule. We managed to get DHQ in its natural crystalline form - a single crystal, ie a crystal built of molecules with only one conformation. According to the degree of purity and biological activity - across the entire spectrum of biological activity, not only antioxidant - such Dihydroquercetin had and has no analogues in the world. Determination of the antioxidant activity of DHQ TD "DKW" scale ORAC It confirmed that in one gram of extract contains no less than 28 000 units ORAC. DKV - relieves inflammation in the capillaries, improves blood circulation.DKV - prolongs the life of cells in the body by neutralizing and removing it from the oxidized aggressive substances - free radicals.conclusion Dear friends, you are met with physical-chemical and biological properties of bioflavonoids and, in particular, their brightest representative - digidrokvertcetinom.As can be more accessible, we would like to convey information about the uniqueness of this product, uncover the mechanisms pathologist ble processes and biochemical effects of DHQ on them. DKV - normalises cholesterol, treats cardiovascular diseases.Modern man is exposed to adverse effects of weight - stress, bad environmental conditions, fatigue. To sustain such a loss without the rhythm of life is impossible.Throw in the action inactivity, nicotine, alcohol, fatty food, bad water and other "charms" of civilization.Our body catastrophically quickly wears out, we get sick and die much earlier used iologicheski allotted time.Morning vitamins and antioxidants, albeit partially, but solves these problems.Volunteers taking the drug in clinical trials Dihydroquercetin DKV - ECT improved performance, respiration, pressure, pulse.Noting their readings were improved mood, activity, the overall tone. Trading house "DKW" offers the following range of dietary supplements: DKV housenumber of centenariansThe drug for athletes and people whose life is connected with great physical and emotional stress. To pick it Dihydroquercetin ratio, arabinogalactan and ascorbic acid increases stamina, improves efficiency, helpsto concentrate on achieving results.Restorative drugs, indispensable for the modern man in the face of strong rhythm of life, adverse environmental conditions, regular physical activity and stress. The drug, being an immunomodulator, reduces the risk of developing diseases. It increases vitality. It is effective for chronic fatigue syndrome.The drug with an increased content of DHQ and ascorbic acid, is designed for people with cardiovascular disease. Improves microcirculation in organs and tissues, strengthens the vascular wall, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Preparation improves the quality of life.The product with a high content of arabinogalactan, is designed for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. arabinogalactanIt stimulates intestinal peristalsis and helps to restore the normal microflora, thereby improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. This drug is effective for people suffering from constipation.100% NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT (DIGIDROKVERTSITIN )5imagenumber of centenarians100% NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT (dihydroquercetin )The drug is intended for people withlimited physical abilities and for those who are forced to lead a sedentary way of life . Dihydroquercetin and arabinogalactan help ensure propervital functions of the body, deprivedNatures ennoy needs in motion . This complex raises the standard of tone , the most improves the quality of life.



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